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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  October 18, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the organizer told us this morning in the way people are turning out, it looks like it scene here. temperatures are on the cool side, and people are all several layers. that's what it's going to take, even though the sun is out and the skies are blue, temperatures started below freezing in the suburbs in the 20s in the northern and western locations and here in central park upper 30s going into the low 40s as the sun gets warmer around here. once we go into the afternoon, we could take these temperatures and translate them to near 50 degrees. that's still well below average for this time of year, but is it only going to last another day or two before we see a big turn around. know that the freeze warning goes until 10 a.m. tomorrow, that means that we're basically ending the growing season and that most spots will be below 32 degrees. here in the city bit above that at the actual
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temperature gauge but we could see frost on the pumpkins. it really is going to be a beautiful day for all of these walkers to get out and enjoy whatever your plans are. know that we're going to see some sign, a few clouds come in and a high temperature of 50 degrees. we are now live back in central park, and the participants are getting very excited. they've got their t-shirts on. they have come both as survivors and also supporters of those who are fighting breast cancer. the american cancer society taking all proceeds today and putting it towards the prevention of breast cancer. we're live in central park, back inside to you guys. >> thanks amy. pink scarves, pink hair. >> we like the pink fuzzy things. thank you so much. from pink, to blue and orange, the mets are off to a great championship series. >> after a win, they will
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knight for game 2 againsts cubs. mets ace matt harvey allowed just four hits in more than seven innings, and for the third post season game in a row, daniel murphy scored a home run putting the mets on the board. murphy's playoff homers have tied him with a team record set in 1969. >> saving the homers, i guess. no, it really -- i said it before that, you know, if i knew what i was doing, i would have hit more homers during the regular season. >> travis d'arnaud also homered last night hitting the celebratory apple. that's a nice shot. first of the seven-game series. fans. they're waking up or sleeping in feeling on top of this world this morning after a victorious glorious night, kristin thorne is live for us out at citi field with a little bit of fan reaction. hey you. >> reporter: hello everyone.
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exactly the type of night mets fans could hope for, exactly what they wanted. as they head into game 2 everyone's feeling really good. now a one-game lead over the cubs. we want to show you video of these fans, the mets fans leaving very excited. some 44,000 people attended the game last night. after the game, manager terry collins said his team is playing "pretty good baseball, and i think fans would absolutely agree with that sentiment. fans very excited about the harvey. any met's fan will tell you including my husband that it has not always been easy being a mets fan in recent years, but it's all worthwhile now. >> best part travis d'arnaud dominating. >> one of my favorite parts, travis d'arnaud got a homer. >> let's go mets, long time fan waiting a long time. >> reporter: the excitement
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certainly will continue tonight with the second game kicking off or i should say throwing off at 8:00 tonight. i checked online just out of curiosity what tickets are like right now, and so you can still come here tonight. the tickets about $130, not too bad but most of those are standing room only tickets. for now we're live outside citi field this morning, i'm kristin news. a lot of folks so excited, anyways. count on eyewitness news tv online to keep you posted on the mets as they march on in their road to the world series. developing right now, police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a festival that was happening in florida. one person has died. four others were hurt after someone opened fire at a festival called zombiecon. thousands attend the festival every year dressed as zombies after the shooting. police barricade the area in downtown fort mier and asked festival goers to clear the area. the four people that were hurt
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looking to speak with the boyfriend of a woman found murdered in her bathtub in queens. a memorial now stands outside the building where 28-year-old miriam velez-samayoa's body was found yesterday morning. she was discovered with burns on her body inside her bathtub. now police are looking for her boyfriend, carlos leon who also goes by carlos alvarado. we spoke to the victim's boss through a translator. he said she quit her job to return to her native guatemala. >> she was going to guatemala because her mother was sick. >> when i woke up in the morning i was like what happened here. and never thought something like that could happen here. >> neighbors often heard screams and fighting coming from the 28-year-old's apartment. right now investigators are happened. firefighters in new jersey battled a large warehouse fire. the flames sparked last night on lloyd road in aberdeen township.
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that's in monmouth county. fire departments from neighboring towns were on the scene offering mutual aid. there were no reports of injuries. the building is owned by a company that sells hardwood flooring and lumber. a great deal to burn there. >> we're following a developing story out of long island where police are searching for the driver who crashed into a pharmacy. police say a truck drove into the drugstore and strip mall in central islip around 93 last night. the person behind the wheel ran from the scene. detectives are investigating whether or not more than one crash. police are searching for the man who sexually assaulted and robbed a woman in brooklyn. this is a police sketch of the man investigators say followed a 22-year-old into her apartment building in bushwick around midnight on thursday. he then robbed the woman at knife point and sexually assaulted her. hospital. community members are coming together today on long island after a shooting left a grave condition.
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reward for information on the shooting that left dejah joyner in the hospital. the 12-year-old was in her living room in hempstead when a bullet went through the window hitting her in the head. her family says the young girl teacher. >> she always played, you know, school with her nieces and nephews and stuff. they always played school with their little dolls and stuff. >> she will be well remembered. will be well remembered. >> dejah is continuing to fight for her life. local clergy members and town officials will join friends and family outside the victim's home as they express sympathy for the girl and outrage over the violence. a man from queens is in federal custody accused of a violent outburst on a plane. police say alija kucuk was on a flight from jfk to palm beach when he ran up the ale and shoved two flight attendants.
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he punched another flight attendant. kucuk was yelling racial slurs and threatening to destroy the plane. -arrested when the plane landed. school bus drivers on long island have voted to strike. it's a decision that may leave thousands of children without a way to get to school. union members rejected the final contract offer by bowman and sons buses. the company transports 50,000 students to 35 schools in nassau county. the drivers will meet to determine the details of their strike. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, a monstrous cleanup and big headaches as crews continue to clear mud up to 7 feet high along a major trucking route. how much longer before the huge mess is back to normal. >> and meteorologist amy freeze is staying warm with a few tens of thousands of her best friends in central park for the making strides against breast cancer walk.
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welcome back, cleanup crews say it could be several more days before a major trucking route is cleared of mud in southern california. right now crews are using heavy machinery to get that mud out of there. it reaches up to 7 feet in some places. search and rescue crews are also on scene working to see if anyone was trapped inside of cars they didn't get to when the mud slides hit and closed off that route last week. >> that is a sea of mud out there. we have a sea of pink here and throughout new york, new jersey because it's the making strides against breast cancer walk day. for that. good morning. guys. it's very pink out here indeed, and a lot of energy, a lot of devotion, a lot of passion behind that pink. we have teams from all over the area. i'm getting ready to introduce you to action for jackson team from bergen county. we're going to introduce you to a survivor and tell you a
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little bit of background about just one of these teams, but 50,000 participants will be here today in central park, pretty impressive turnout, and it's all for the cause of fighting breast cancer, the american cancer society taking the dollars and putting it into the battle that so many face. let's get you up to speed with the temperatures, though, and the weather. no matter what your activities are today, whether you're coming here to the park to support the cause or you've got some plans of your own, layer up. it's a chilly one. temperatures starting below freezing in a lot of locations. ending the growing season really here with temperatures falling into the 20s for areas north and west of the city and another freeze warning up for tonight into tomorrow morning. so while we've been, you know, chilling in the upper 30s here in central park this morning, it's been much colder in some spots. sussex was actually the coldest spot 24 degrees expected there last night, and this morning
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they've been up there, temperatures climbing. there's a mix of sun and clouds, that snow that streamed down from the northwest has pretty much fallen apart. catskills or the poconos could get light snow, but everybody else just chilly temperatures below average for this time of the year. we're looking at a pattern here where we've got high pressure in place. as long as that's happening it's going to pull the cold air down from canada, and when that high pressure slides offshore, that's when our temperatures will be able to increase and get a little bit warmer. so if you're going oh, no, the 50s, is it all over? not necessarily. we're expecting 70s to come back into the forecast once we get into the middle of the week. so for the numbers, accuweather expecting 50 today for a high tonight, 36 for the low, and really skies are cooperating with no rain expected even into tomorrow we are going to be dry with low 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast,
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warmer temperatures, 68 by tuesday, low 70s through the middle of the week. perhaps a chance for rain late moving into thursday, and then we drop back into the 60s next week. so that's basically what we've got with the forecast, and all in all, it is beautiful looking out here. just be ready for the chilly temperature, guys, or be ready to snuggle up to people who are making a difference. cancer survivor at 40 you were diagnosed jacqueline. tell us a little bit about the story, and it's been 19 years that you're had your very own team here at making strides. >> 19 years ago on my birthday for my 40th birthday on self exam i found a lump and i was diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by my aunt, my mother, my sister laura and many other members. we don't have the gene but maybe we have the survivor gene because here we are 19 years later.
9:15 am
with your own be the the. you've take -- with your own battle. you've taken on the cause. you certainly have made a difference. who's on your team? where are these people from? >> my daughter, my son, my best friend, my sister, my sister-in- law, my brother-in-law, my guardian angel who comes to every single appointment, but i have to give a shoutout to memorial sloan debtorring, and the smartest girl in her class who saved my whole family. >> what's amazing to me is when you tell your story you start with the most important thing, self-exams. that still really is the root for a lot of women in going in and get checked. if they get themselves on a regular check basis, that's really what lead to you going in. >> don't be afraid, check it out, and if you have the rock of gibraltar on your side that it's been a great ride.
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hug you. we appreciate it. come on over here real quick. this morning. before -- i want to say hello to you this morning. before we go back, can you say hi to michelle and lauren. >> what's your name? >> darrell. >> this is darrell. darrell is walking today making strides for lady evett findler thank you so much. and his aunt's a survivor, so you know what, everybody's out here, all ages, all areas of support. we've got those who survived. we've got their families, their caretakers and those who want to see the end of the battles that so many have to fight. live in central park, amy freeze channel 7 eyewitness >> wow. >> such emotional stories. >> right? >> so nice of people to open up and share their struggle. >> really moving.
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mayor de blasio continues his visit to israel with a visit to the western wall before speaking at the annual conference of mayors. the mayor visited a school knew jerusalem attended by israeli and palestinian children, a rare example of the coexistence between the two sides. >> i don't want to pretend to understand the nuances of the situation, and i think it's important as an outsider to not claim to know more than i do. i think this is a larger human reality that piece is necessary. >> mayor de blasio also met with the mayors of tel aviv and jerusalem and visited with victims of recent palestinian stabbing attacks. he returns to new york later tonight.
9:20 am
during a spike in violence in jerusalem and the west bank. palestinian assailants carried out five stabbing attacks yesterday. the attacks left at least four palestinians dead and three israelis wounded. the violence initially erupted about a month ago. vice president joe biden accepted a human rights award here in manhattan last night, but he didn't give any clues on whether or not he will run for president. abc news has learned biden made a phone call that could indicate he is moving closer to a decision. the president of the international association of firefighters says he told biden he very likely has the union's support if he runs. the powerful union has declined to endorse hillary clinton's campaign. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is calling on the governor of alabama to reopen dmvs across the state that allows people to vote. >> the closings will make getting driver's licenses and personal identification cards much harder.
9:21 am
fundamental right in our democracy, the right to vote. >> former secretary of state has made voting rights a corner stone of her campaign, more than 30 department of motor vehicle offices were shut down across alabama all in counties where most people who live there are african-american and need a photo id to vote. clinton said republicans are movement. a senior citizen in illinois is being called a hero this morning and a well deserved title after he was children. 76-year-old james vernon was teaching a chess class to about 20 elementary school students at a public library on monday, and that's when a is the-year- old busted into the room, according to police. he was holding two knives and shouting that he wants to kill someone. the army veteran explained how he distracted the troubled young man. >> settle down a little, relax a little bit. i'll listen to you while these people -- these kids get out of the room, realized his targets
9:22 am
were gone, and he came without warning. >> vernon says that the teen lunged at him and sliced his hand when he saw that the kids had gone. the 76-year-old then managed to shove the suspect and subdue him until police arrived.
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when we co "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
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9:24. time for sports now with laura behnke. >> the cubs may have swept the mets in the regular season going a perfects 7 and 0 against new york, but the slate is wiped clean in the post season, which is exactly what the mets were hoping for saturday night on the very crisp night in flushing. >> as the mets and cubs clashed for the first time ever in the post season in game 1 of the nlcs, new york wasted no time against cubs ace jon lester. daniel murphy, his third straight game with a home run, it was 1-0 mets. the cubs would strike back in the 5th. matt harvey allows the rbi double by starlin castro.
9:25 am
it's a tie ball game until the bottom of the frame. two on for curtis granderson, and he delivers, brings one in with the single. that made it 2-1 mets. they weren't content with that. in the 6th travis d'arnaud, the monster shot. that ball hits the apple, solo home run, 3-1 now. meanwhile harvey was dominant. he took a perfect game through 4, allowed just two runs and struck out 9 in 7 and 2/3 innings of work. jay reduce familia came in for the save. the mets win, they lead the series 1 game to none. >> a different team, a different confidence level, a different atmosphere. like i said, we've still got some work to go. this team's not going anywhere. >> reminding us to take it pitch by pitch and go out there and try to win every single day. that's been our mind-set this whole post season. >> we've got to bring it tomorrow just like we did
9:26 am
against the kershaws and greinkes and lesters. hopefully jump on them early. >> for the second straight series, the mets get the game 1 win. they do not have much time to celebrate. tonight it's game 2, noah syndergaard gets to the ball for the mets while the cubs send jake arrieta to the mound. laura behnke channel 7 eyewitness news. >> laura behnke let's stay with that. mets fans are ready for game 2 tonight. they're going to head become out to citi field ready to cheer some more. we're going to have a live report from citi field. >> as you've heard, the mets have won again. i'm kristin thorne with excited fan reaction coming up. >> s also exciting, the making strides against breast cancer walks that are happening in our area this morning. we're live in central park where one of those walks is taking place. meteorologist amy freeze is
9:27 am
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making strides against breast cancer walk. boy, are we ever making strides, and walks are taking place across the country including central park, jones beach, new jersey, newark on this sunday morning october 18th. so good to have you with us with the sun outside, you know, it's false advertising, though, that sunshine. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> it's a little deceptive. i'm laura behnke in for rob nelson. a chilly one out there. >> little bit. >> just a little. >> let's go out to meteorologist amy freeze live in central park this morning where all the excitement around making strides for breast cancer is happening. >> reporter: good morning you guys, we are welcoming all the participants this morning in their bright pink. shirts. some have dyed their hair pink, some of them have on pink wigs. people are sporting their passion in the fight against breast cancer, and it's really great to see not only survivors out here but their families, their care take e, their oncologists, their surgeons who
9:30 am
have come out here and are saying we're all many this together for what's happened in the past, for what's happening right now, and we're looking forward to a bright future. temperatures are on the cool side, i'll say. i would layer up if you're headed out the door this morning, in the sun it's not so bad but once you get in the shade you feel the chill in the air. the northwest winds are continuing probably about 5 to 15 miles an hour today. just be ready for cooler than average temperatures. we've got at least one more day of this. another freeze warning is up as well. so expecting the temperatures that we saw this morning to repeat themselves tonight, in fact, even in the northern suburbs we're at 32 for white plains, upper 20s in newburgh, climb a bit. it was very cold last night, and that freeze warning will affect more and more of the area not included will be the boroughs and parts of western long island. so as we go throughout the day today, sunshine ask a high of 50 degrees. we're staying shower free again
9:31 am
today as well. if the 50s are a little too cool for you, we'll be back to the 70s coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. give them a big hello you guys. it's okay. that's all right. they're fine. lauren and michelle will not bite. as well. we've got just a few minutes begins. you guys. live in central park. >> thanks amy! she's so normal on camera, they don't realize she's live. >> live on television, right. >> normal person. she got swatted in the face there. >> the mets keep on going, the road to the world series right there. they beat the cubs 4-2 in game 1 of the national league championship series, and tonight they're ready for another win. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live for us with that story at citi field. hey you. >> good morning, michelle. as someone from the d. c. area, i can't say that i've been a lifelong mets fan, but i have to admit, i mean this is really exciting. i'm really getting caught up in
9:32 am
is really the word we heard from fans leaving the stadium here last night. we want to show you some of the highlights from last night's game. daniel murphy's home run, another one, that home run matching a team record by homering in his third straight post season game. then d'arnaud hit a homer in the sixth, a drive that clinicked off the home run apple behind the center field wall. really was just a solid game for the mets. home runs and good pitching has really been the way of the game for the mets. >> that's how we win games. we win games because we hit the ball out of the ballpark. it makes all the difference in the world. when you've got guys go up there, then you know you can make it 1-0 or get back into a game. >> here we're showing you fans leaving a packed stadium last night, some 44,000 people packed into the stadium barely a spare seat in the house. the next game, the second game in the series tonight at 8:00. you probably saw last night or maybe you were out here.
9:33 am
i mean it was chilly. people wearing their gloves, their scarfs. their hats. if you are planning to come out tonight, make sure to bring those along again. it's going to be a chilly one. live outside citi field, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> winds keep you warm. stay with eyewitness news as we follow the mets on the road to the world series. you can follow updates and find fan pictures anytime at abc7ny. the 18-year-old suspect in a double murder in maryland will be in court tomorrow after what police say was a love triangle turned deadly. police say gabriel streuss was recruited by his 13-year-old girlfriend and her mother to kill the girl's father and his 25-year-old lover. according to police the victim's wife ann anastozi had been in a relationship with the same woman but asked streuss to kill them both when she fell out of the love triangle. she originally told police the two died in a murder suicide. the woman's 13-year-old daughter is also facing charges
9:34 am
in this double murder. wow. mexican officials are searching the rugged mountains in northwestern mexico for escaped drug kingpin el chapo. joaquin guzman was flown to the mountains in his home state after escaping from prison in july. the mexican government says it captured the pilot who flew guzman into hiding. a statement from mexico's security cabinet said guzman injured his leg and face while escaping in the rugged terrain. opening statements again tomorrow in the case of the man accused in the mob heist. vincent lasaro was arrested after being accused of taking part in the million dollar robbery at kennedy airport. prosecutors say the now 80-year- 1978. he's accused of spending most of the $750,000 he allegedly racetrack. today across the country people are standing up to breast cancer.
9:35 am
making strides against breast cancer event we are live in jones beach where thousands of people are joining the fight. >> and there is a massive crowd in central park as well showing pink pride.
9:36 am
she comes right back with the get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it.
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traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. we want to head back out to meteorologist amy freeze live in central park for the making strides against breast cancer. hey amy. >> reporter: i cannot wait to introduce you to trisha's militia. first i want to getout straight to the weather. we are live in central park for the 21st making strides for breast cancer, and it's been a wonderful morning so far. we're just a few minutes away from the taking off of the 5- mile walk that they'll do here in central park, and while we've got beautiful sunshine, the temperatures are a little chilly.
9:38 am
through the morning here in central park. we'll make a slow climb into the low 40s while people are out here. then we will see 50 for the high. that's significantly below average for this time of year. we also have a freeze warning up. what that means is if you haven't seen a freeze yet, you likely will tonight. the only places excluded are the boroughs and a few parts of western long island. everybody else looking for those very cold temperatures again tonight effectively ending the growing season really across the tri-state. now getting into the afternoon, clouds. that sunshine is enough to warm us up a little bit. it's really the northwest wind that dominates keeping our temperatures chilly. it's that air mass brought in by the high pressure system that's going to keep our temperatures below average for this time of year. doesn't mean that we're stuck long stretch. instead it means that we will also have the chance to return to the 70s. itst just going to take us a
9:39 am
few days to get there. yeah, the cold facts have been that we've seen the freezing temperatures. some places will go into the 20s tonight and we basically say good-bye to the flowers and hello to the fall colors which are certainly popping here in central park. as far as the next couple of days go, know that these low 50s will be adding at least 20 degrees by the middle of the week. it's nice to get your layers ready, a little reminder here in the cold weather that you've got to get your gloves ready to go, your hats ready to go and you certainly will get use out of them early tomorrow morning. once we get past tuesday into wednesday, we'll get a chance for rain and a cool front for the late part of the week. that's when we'll see a transition to chilly temperatures once again. no rain expected today, not tomorrow either. so we start off things dry. we look for those warmer temperatures and then perhaps getting a rain shower late in the week. the numbers break down like this. the forecast for today a high 50 degrees. tonight in the city 36.
9:40 am
freezing again with the freeze warning going until 10 a.m. tomorrow. then the extended stretch, the long-term, looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, our temperatures will make it back to the 70s. i'm just focusing on that because it was just a little too cold this morning for me. i'm going to have to give my blood thickened up for this kind of weather. then we've got a return to the 60s for late next week. people are layered in pink this morning, live in central park, and this crew no different. let me introduce you to trisha's militia. and this is trisha brennan and janine brennan. tell me how the team started, janine, and give us the background and who's on the team now, and how you've taken this. >> we lost our very dear friend trisha weston in august of 2015. that october was the first year we walked. we raised over $85,000 for american cancer society through just e-mails, outreach, and e
9:41 am
we just got so much love and support from friends and family but wanted to remember and honor trisha. now we're in our third year walking. we have a group of friends from high school, and you can see we've put on a generation here with upbringing daughters with us to the walk and raising that awareness. the fund-raising efforts have been, again, reaching out to family and friends we mail. we did something great this year. the american cancer society helped us organize a sunday fun day fundraiser. we partnered with one of our local taverns that was owned by a good friend of ours. they donated proceeds from a shop that was taken that sunday and then we also were able to walk around to tables and let folks know about the pink ribbons. it was great because it offered a sense of community. we met a lot of new people. everyone's been touched by breast cancer. hearing everyone come together is so wonderful. we look forward to it every single year. again, it's a group of friends from high school.
9:42 am
we love to just honor and remember her and obviously the money goes to an incredible cause that raises awareness and knowledge that folks need today to get the support. >> do you know what your total is going to be so far, what are the top fundraisers here today. >> we have to tank trisha's husband nevel, they donated $5000 last night. that put us over 20,000, and we continue to fund-raise until the end of the year. a lot of folks we hear after we did the rock, you guys did such a great job. i forgot to donate. that's the beauty of this organization, it doesn't stop today. you continue to fund-raise until the end of the year. >> looking into your eyes i remember that first year in 2013, and we were both kind of tearing up the first year, but we've really stuck with the cause and done amazing things. thank you so much. there's somebody who wants to say hello to you, sade get over here. fresh off the stage here in central park. i know you wanted to come over and say hello to everybody and say can congratulations to her. we're going to toss back in
9:43 am
right now to lauren and michelle and let them take it from here.
9:44 am
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ha all morning we've been talking to meteorologist amy the american cancer society cancer walk. it's one of the hundreds of walks taking place across the common goal, stomping out breast cancer. >> we've heard amazing stories this morning so far. making strides is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation. there are several walks going on today in the tri-state area. stacey sager is at jones beach out on long island. anthony johnson is at the prudential center in newark, and sade baderinwa is in central park as well as amy freeze where amy's been all morning. good morning sade. >> reporter: good morning. how are you guys? >> we are great. how is it out there? >> reporter: you know, it is so great.
9:46 am
it is like a family out here. you know, i've been doing this walk for almost 12 years now, and each time it just gets better and better. i want to bring in somebody here who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, actually >> yes. >> emma when were you diagnosed with breast cancer? >> i was diagnosed in 1995. >> okay so it's been a while. you know you're a who are your warrior. what does today mean to you? >> it means i am among the living and i kicked cancer's butt. >> and that's the message today is to provide a sense of hope for others who are going through it. >> absolutely. nowadays cancer is not a death sentence. you just have to believe, smile and just kick it out. >> you know t is so wonderful just to be out here. this walk started back in 1993 with 10,000 people. they raised about a million dollars, and now fast forward to now, there are more than 50,000 people here, and last year they raised $15 million.
9:47 am
so you know, this walk has really come a long way here. i just wanted to thank all of these other people here. these are your supporters. you. >> hi, hi. praise god. >> that's what it's all about here you support behind you, knowing it's such a great energy. you know, now we want to check in with stacey sager who's on long island in jones beach, and stacy, i know it's like -- it's like a big party here, what is it like where you are? >> reporter: it is amazing here sade, you know, in terms of numbers, the jones beach walk is just fantastic. they get about 65,000 walkers here, which is just phenomenal, and these people come out in the cold and they come out with heart, and it's really like being with family. i'm a survivor for 17 years now. i had breast cancer when i was only 30 years old, so i feel right at home in this crowd.
9:48 am
joining me right now is another survivor, pam cart ledge. >> hi, how are you? >> you had breast cancer ten years ago right? >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. >> why do you come out here? >> i come out here because american cancer was here when i needed it. when i was the first on my block to get breast cancer and i had no one to talk to. >> they try to match you up with someone in the same situation, same age, same cancer, there's different types of breast cancer, and you are someone to talk to, someone to vent your fears and and maybe the silly questions that you don't want to ask your doctor. >> absolutely. i'm just so proud to be standing next to you, and i'm so glad you're well, and thank you for joining us, and the most important thing of course is get your mammogram, get screened right. >> mammogram, tell everybody on appointment. it's all about more birthdays. >> awesome. thank you pam. thank you so much. >> also, if you have a strong family history, i have to say it, think about genetic testing. time. the mammogram the first time,
9:49 am
genetic testing the second time. we're just happy to be here. they're raising tons of money for the american cancer society. i want to go now to my colleague anthony johnson. he's in newark which is also another amazing event. >> reporter: hey stacy a great crowd out here. right near the prudential center. thousands of people going through the zumba part of the program. they're getting ready for the walk that's going to start out here in just a few minutes. they're raising a tremendous amount of money out here making strides against breast cancer. i've got to tell you, i met so many inspirational people, so many great survivors out here this morning. she has a fantastic story. tell us about your life, how you found out and what are you doing today to go ahead and help other women that were in your position. >> definitely. i was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer at the age of 31 years old, the same as my mother was when i
9:50 am
she was 31 as well and battled the disease. today i'm so excited to be here. it's a passion of mine since i'm a child of a mother who had breast cancer, and i'm also a survivor myself. i'm so glad to be here. it's a very encouraging day, a very motivational day and very inspirational. >> and you were telling us a fantastic story about how important it is for all women to go ahead and get their checkup. >> definitely, it's very important for everyone to go and get their checkups. early detection is the best protection. >> thank you so much. of course you can see this is a fantastic crowd out here. all these people out here as far as the eye can see. we got one group that came out here carrying pink balloons. you see pink for as far as the eye can see. they're about to start the walk out here in a few minutes. i'm actually the emcee for this event, so i got to get back up on to the stage because after the zumba portion they're ready
9:51 am
to go ahead and cut the ribbon. fantastic event. that's the latest from here in new, a. now back to you. >> okay. anthony, thank you, and i'm back here at central park. you want to introduce you to a few more people. we have the sister of sharon. tell me about your sister. >> my sister was a warrior five years strong fighting and she's encouraging you guys to keep up the fight. keep hope alive. >> you're the daughter. >> the daughter denies. >> fighting for everybody else that's battling this and keeping her memory alive. >> you are today and thank you so much for coming out here to walk, and i've got this other team, you got a large team behind you. >> we do, we do. this is conference of minority transportation officials new york chapter. we have about 30 people walking for us today. we lost one of our members yesterday to cancer, and we're walking for her as well as many others who are fighting it today. >> thank you so much for coming out here and supporting your colleagues and also supporting
9:52 am
the other women who have come down with breast cancer. >> yes, thank you so much. we are here, and we are fighting along side with them. >> well, you heard it. we are all here fighting along it's a great energy. so for those who are still at home and want to come out and on. wear your pink and come on out here. you guys back to you. >> thank you so much. grab a coat.
9:53 am
i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. mayor bill de blasio continues his visit to israel today with a visit to the western wall before speaking at the annual conference of mayors. yesterday the mayor visited a school near jerusalem attended by both israelis and palestinians. a rare example of the coexistence that can exist through the two sides. republicans of recent palestinian stabbing attacks he felt will return to new york later tonight. school bus drivers on long
9:54 am
thousands of children without a way to get to school. union members rejected the final contract offer by bowman and sons buses. the company transport 15,000 students to 35 schools. the drivers will meet to determine the details of their strike. the mets off to a good start in the championship series and fans are hoping tonight's game will keep a >> we're representing, eyewitness news reporter out at city filed. good morning. >> reporter: it's all right, michelle it's early. do you like my hat? >> love it. >> i finally -- my photographer has been begging me all morning to wear this hat, so i finally gave in and here we go. i have it on. if you had to go to sleep last night, and you missed the game, you know, i know how you feel. if you don't know by now, the mets won 4-2. we want to show you one of the great highlights from last night's game. daniel murphy making a diving play at 2nd base for the final
9:55 am
out of the game. a huge celebration for the mets and thousands of fans in the stands, really a solid game for the mets last night. good pitching, several home runs, mets manager terry collins calling it "pretty good baseball, so the second game, game 2 starting at 8:00 tonight. there are still some tickets left that you can actually get. most of those will be standing room only tickets. we're live outside citi field this morning, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that looks good. let's get a final check on the accuweather forecast with amy freeze in central park. >> reporter: michelle, the sun is out here. temperatures have been in the upper 30s. we're expecting the low 40s as we take off for the walk. it's a 5-mile walk around central park. beautiful backdrop, about 50,000 participants in this location. in fact, they're expecting to blow that number away if they get the numbers they want. this will be the number one making strides event in the country. surrounded by survivorrings
9:56 am
it's all about is getting out, sharing the message, sharing awareness, and raising funds so that nobody else has to face the battle in the future. let's get you to the accuweather seven-day forecast here. we've got temperatures today at 50 degrees, tomorrow slightly warmer in the low 50s, and then we'll see the climb in temperatures going into the upper 60s and low 70s. tuesday i think will be a very pleasant day. then wednesday and thursday beale back to slightly above average for this time of year. what a swing it will be for many places going down to the 20s with the freeze warnings that we've had the last couple of nights and then pushing the 70s, low 70s as we get into the middle late part of the week. i guess that is 'tis the season as we make the transition back and forth. back live here in central park, as i said, the survivors, their families they're fund-raising, they're doing it for a wonderful cause. i've got a couple of survivors in here.
9:57 am
>> carol coleman from the bronx, four year survivor. >> juliet, from brooklyn new york, seven-year survivor. >> five years survivor. my name is theresa. >> theresa we're so glad you guys are here. we're going to send it back into the studio. pictures from the event all day long we'll share with you on the later newscast. you guys have been here before. you know the energy that's with us. back to you. >> beautiful. thank you so much. theresa i love your eyelashes. i love your energy, seven years, four years, five years, nothing better than that. >> we love hearing those survivor stories. thanks so much for joining us should you get a flu shot? here's what one new yorker has to say. will you get your flu shot this year? i sure will! and why? well, because of my job. i come in contact with a lot of people that have the flu so therefore i try to protect myself. so you're a firefighter and you're out in the public and you want to make sure you're protected and probably they are too, right? correct. yes. if you have the opportunity to get a free flu shot, why wouldn't you?
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